Even fools seem smart when they are quiet. -Proverbs 17:28

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Artwork Marcelo Daldoce
Check out the amazing artworks by Marcelo Daldoce.
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🐶🏊 Pringles x Wrinkles #frenchbulldog #instapets #puppypie
Fish selfie attempt 🐟  (at SEA Aquarium, Sentosa Island, Singapore)
Little Toshi enjoying the view #samoyed #phnompenh #instapets  (at Independence Monument, Phnom Penh)

”Baby, I promise that I do all I canThings will get better if you just hold my handNothing will come between us if you justHold, hold my, hold my, hold my hand”
Happy Valentine’s Day to the one and only <3


I love the way you smile every time I see you.

The way you make me laugh all the time with your random sound effects.

No matter how mad I am at you I wouldn’t stop thinking and caring about you.

you make me feel really lucky to be yours.

I don’t know why I’m writing this but I just feel…

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CONGRATS LEAK! but U can’t stand under our umbrella #surpriseover #finallycaninstagram #surprise